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(we even brand it for you).

Unique, no code solutions to enhance your workflows, streamline process and support your team.

Why waste your precious time hunting for software to solve a problem (or worse, spending a fortune building your own) when you can have a fully operational, branded, simple to use software solution
ready to go in days

Tell us what you need to connect and what's important to you and we
customise our proprietary software for you. Exactly how you want it, half the price and twice as quick. 


Workflows to suit your needs


Simplify multi-site management by connecting sites as required to ensure compliance and maintain consistent processes and communication. Utilize automated notifications and centralized information sharing for streamlined operations. Maintain precise records and efficiently oversee your team remotely by implementing tiered approval systems for request acceptance or rejection.


Streamline sourcing with a connecting platform designed to provide an easy connection between buyers and suppliers. Automated connection with reporting, compliance management and opportunities to share and disseminate information to both sides of the market. Tiered approval levels and audit friendly reporting.

Crafting a meticulously managed network under your supervision is now more accessible through the Directory workflow. This feature is particularly beneficial for consultancy, fostering direct connections between individuals seeking specific services or information and those equipped to offer them.

Establish a network comprising casual staff members with a straightforward request and acceptance workflow. The management of staff compliance within this network is streamlined. Moreover, a feedback system is in place to oversee standards and provide guidance or endorsements to candidates.

Establishing a reliable network comprising verified members serves as an effective means to foster engagement within your peak body or association. Simplifying the process for members to access information, interact with peers, stay informed, and swiftly locate necessary resources is paramount. Moreover, the platform can facilitate seamless payment management.

The catalogue workflow can be customized with items upon your approval and updated as frequently as required. When onboarding new staff and in need of efficiently ordering technological resources, you create and oversee the products, while the software simplifies the entire procedure.

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